The Santanni Story

We are a family-owned business built by generations of Santanni builders that have all upheld the approach that serves as our foundation for over 40 years: Custom Built Better.

Our Approach

Your expectation is a finished product that’s high-quality and custom-built. We believe that’s an obligation. But we also believe quality extends beyond the finished product. That being on budget, sticking to the schedule, and open communication are the other three additional factors that allow us to take a perfect build, and turn it into a completed dream.


That’s our promise with each job, an dit’s kept on what drives us to keep building–establishing relationships with the people in the homes we build and renovate.

Scott Santanni

Today, tomorrow, and the day after that–we’ll still be a group of builders who uphold the belief that a job well done is a job done better.

Scott Santanni

The Santanni Trade

The Santanni Trade

My father was a builder. He built the home I grew up in. His father–also a builder. As was his grandfather, and his great grandfather, who brought over his trade from Italy. Each generation brought different techniques, those of which are still being applied today.