Women Centric

Women Centric is one of the many items that has been talked about over the last couple of years. Like Green Building it has come to the forefront of subjects regarding home construction. As a Custom Home Builder and Custom Remodeler, Santanni Custom Homes has been constructing Women Centric for years. Studies show us that 91 percent of home construction is fueled by women. We have known this for many years and have listened to what women want to help them create their families dream. Our women clients are very specific and are very helpful to us in the design process as they usually have been researching specific areas of the home for a long time. They will bring with them to our meetings the books, articles and pictures from magazines, that fuel their ideas. This has been a very useful tool for us as it allows our clients show us or tell us what they want and then we can produce that end product for them. As we are asked about our experiences in these specific areas of the home, we can also assist our clients with Design service and a Professional Decorator Services. This we have found has been very useful to us and our clients. Again I am looking for input on this subject, please send us your ideas. We will be talking about this more in the future!