What does the term ‘Energy Efficiency’ mean to you?

Allergies can be helped by modifiying an existing heating/cooling systemThe term ‘Energy Efficiency’ can sometimes be a very loose and over-used term. In terms of optimizing energy efficiency in new construction, it should be built into the plan from the start – a ‘ground up’ approach – in order to create a smooth, highly efficient and healthy environment for everyone living in the home. This can also be accomplished in remodeling even though a few roadblocks can be presented when you need to work with some existing components, rather than starting with a clean slate. The following is an example of that:

A client came to us needing help in their home, as they have five children with severe allergies. We analyzed what we felt was happening in the home that was creating and contributing to the allergy issues, and made our recommendations to them. The owners allowed us to experiment, using different equipment to attempt to clean the environment inside the home. After a few months, the client informed us that her children no longer needed their allergy shots! This end result was accomplished by using highly efficient products that are available to be added to your home’s existing heating/cooling system.

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Photo courtesy of William Brawley