It is our company policy to build high quality homes with numerous features that help our homeowners enjoy the end product for many years to come. We use the same subcontractors from home to home to make sure we reproduce the same quality on each and every project. Our belief is that each one of our team members who work on our sites and within our business are part of a cohesive unit that works together and with our homeowners. We use the highest caliber workers who understand what it means to be part of a family run organization.

We strive to achieve zero defects before each closing. We do a walk-through with every new homeowner to identify any item requiring attention as well as to show the mechanics of the new dream home. Our warranty company does a pre-closing walk-through, a 30-day walk-through, and an eleven-month walk-through. Our warranty company provides one place for our client to contact for any request. We use this as a way to monitor any work to make certain that it meets our standards and is completed in a timely fashion.