Our Partners

We have numerous suppliers and subcontractors that have worked with us for many years to become one of the finest homebuilders and remodeling contractors in the Twin Cities.

We are very particular that the products we use for your project are proven to the industry and have been used for a good period of time with lasting results. We are very concerned about energy efficiency and our environment so it is our policy to build a high-quality, environmentally sound, custom home from the ground up. We use foam insulation for the exterior envelope of the home and we conduct tests of our products to make sure they are performing properly. We also conduct blower door testing. These tests show that our homes are rated in the upper 99th percentile of the U.S. for tightness which helps with energy conservation. We use energy boxes for our electrical high-efficicency water heaters and furnaces. All of our homes feature humidifiers along with central dehumidifiers for the health of both the home and it’s occupants. We use state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems to achieve the utmost efficiency possible.

We provide professional decorating services and a full design with each project to help make sure that every project runs smoothly and lives up to our expections.

Your dream is important to us! We take the time to guide you through the process of building your dream home because we know you demand the best and we want to exceed your expectations.

A Few Of Our Featured Partners