Lead Paint Safety

Your Contractor is required to have completed Lead Safety Training

Photo by Ingrid Taylar

Recently we went through the educational process of getting ourselves trained in Lead Safety Proceedures. It is required that all contractors working on any home built prior to 1978 be trained in Lead Practices. We have completed our 8 hour class and are certified to perform work on your upcoming project. We have puchased the special equiptment that is necessary to perform this work and are in the process of requiring the necessary subcontractors to be trained also. If a contractor choses not to do this type of training and do this work, they could be subject to a 37000.00 fine by the EPA, which if you have a project in process , it could come to a hault.This EPA Rule will be in effect after April 22, 2010 and there will be no grandfathering in if your project is already under construction. I will be glad to take any questions you have on this matter and try to effectively answer your concerns