Home Maintenance and Care

We will be talking about how important care and maintenance of the home is vital to proper performance. I will look forward to your questions in this area or any ideas that you have as a homeowner:

Change furnace filters as required:

Clean and Change Humidifier filter yearly

Clean all drainage hoses or replace off of furnace , air exchanger, humidifier , ETC.

Keep all Exterior Intakes and Exhaust for Furnace, Air Exchanger ETC Clear and Clean

Clean out dryer vent yearly .

Clean out Air Conditioner unit free and clear of all debris especially, leaves, cotton from trees, Clean as necessary, can be washed out with water.

Keep air exchanger clean and wash filters as necessary.

Change batteries yearly in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors once a year. Also press and hold test button to make sure all units are working as designed.

Seal your Granite Tops once a year, you can purchase sealer from Home Depot or Lowes to properly seal. This is a very easy process and will help maintain the beauty of this natural Stone.

Clean out central vacuum tank as necessary and wash filter at bottom of unit.

These are just a few of the items we will mention at this time: A good website to follow for tips on use and care is as follows: www.home-smart.org