Energy Efficiency

Over the last several years we have taken many steps to help reduce energy costs in the homes we build. We have enlisted the help of a local company that comes to every one of our homes and examines them in three stages:

  1. They examine the home after it is framed in to inspect any issues that would cause energy loss or cause other issues such as frost build-up or weather problems.
  2. Then they come to inspect after the home is insulated. Increasingly, we are using a foam insulation called (Icynene). This is an open cell product that fills the entire cavity of the wall and the rim of the home. We also spray 4 to 5 inches in the attic, sealing any issues of penetrations, and then lay cellulose insulation over that to give our attics an R 60 rating. (In another post we will get into the differences between closed cell and open cell insultion, and expand upon the reasons we use open cell.)
  3. After the home is complete we have our homes tested with what is called a “blower door test”. This test informs us about how well we are doing in the construction process by indicating the amount of leakage thru the walls, the ceiling and windows. This helps us to see if we are missing anything or where we can improve in the areas of framing, installation of products, and/or insulation.

So far, we have been very successful – our homes have tested in the top 99.9 percent of the country!

We don’t stop there, however. We also perform an infrared camera test that pinpoints any leakage to its exact area. This helps us to learn if we need to pay more attention to certain specific areas of the home. We also perform what is called a “duct blaster test” which will tell us that the home’s ductwork is performing properly and without leakage. Our homes have been rated as EnergyStar compliant, which we feel is very important for the environment and for our client’s energy savings. In subsequent blog posts, I will write more about what products we use and why.

It is also important to know that we are very particular, setting the highest of standards, in the installation of all products in each step of the process, ranging from the way the carpenter frames the home to the way the electrician installs the electrical boxes. We are confident that we have the highest level and best trained professionals as partners to build or remodel your home, and to provide you with many years of comfort and energy efficiency. Please contact us and get started with your energy efficient new home or remodel project today!

Thank you!

Jacki and Ron Santanni