Building Green

(originally posted February 12, 2009)

One of the most important pieces of the ‘building green’ puzzle is having a highly efficient heating and cooling system in your home. Over the last few years we’ve been using high efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling in many of our projects. We have had great success with helping to keep energy costs down with these new improvements. The new high efficient heat pumps are much better than what was used years ago. So we are very excited about the new innovative products that are out there for heating systems.

Insulation is another area we have seen vast improvements in over the last few years. We use icynene open cell foam insulation and have had great results. As part of the push for green building it is important for the home to be tight. We will talk more about this in future articles.

We are in the process of of putting together packages for our remodel projects that will be as follows:

  • New energy efficient windows, Updated heating and cooling system, Energy efficient water heater , with solar as another option
  • Environments for Living : Energy Efficiency
  • Tight Construction: Special Framing Techniques to help the home perform to its optimum
  • Improved Thermal System: Achieved Thru Proper Insulation
  • Right Sized Heating and Cooling Systems for occupant comfort
  • Efficient Lighting; LED LIGHTING OR CFL along with optional Dimming
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Low Flow Toilets
  • Engineered Plumbing Systems
  • Combustion Safety : Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Fresh Air and spot ventialtion: Source Point certain areas of the home: Fans that exhaust in Kitchens and all Baths
  • Air Presure Balancing as part of the air handler system: Proper sized duct work that has been properly installed and Sealed
  • Internal Moisture Management: We use ERV’S Energy Recovery Ventilators as well as a whole house Dehumidification and a whole house Humidification

We are describing a few of the areas that we use as part of our constuction techniques. We would like your questions, responses,or other ideas. We will be talking about other parts of Green Building in the future and your participation will be greatly appreciated!