What does the term ‘Energy Efficiency’ mean to you?

The term ‘Energy Efficiency’ can sometimes be a very loose and over-used term. In terms of optimizing energy efficiency in new construction, it should be built into the plan from the start – a ‘ground up’ approach – in order to create a smooth, highly efficient and healthy environment for everyone living in the home. […]

14 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Hiring the right contractor to do the work you are requesting at your home is important. Where to start? We are compiling a list of recommendations to look into the credibility of the contractor and as we have always suggested we feel these ideas are very good to ask potential builders. We suggest asking for […]

Beautiful Custom Home near Afton, MN

This New Home near Afton, MN was architecturally designed to fit our client’s lifestyle and blending into its country setting. It features numerous artisan details such as beams that were completely constructed on-site by our craftsman. A variety of energy features make the home warm and comfortable year round, including a high efficiency furnace & […]

Home Maintenance and Care

We will be talking about how important care and maintenance of the home is vital to proper performance. I will look forward to your questions in this area or any ideas that you have as a homeowner: Change furnace filters as required: Clean and Change Humidifier filter yearly Clean all drainage hoses or replace off […]

Women Centric

Women Centric is one of the many items that has been talked about over the last couple of years. Like Green Building it has come to the forefront of subjects regarding home construction. As a Custom Home Builder and Custom Remodeler, Santanni Custom Homes has been constructing Women Centric for years. Studies show us that […]

Lead Paint Safety

Recently we went through the educational process of getting ourselves trained in Lead Safety Proceedures. It is required that all contractors working on any home built prior to 1978 be trained in Lead Practices. We have completed our 8 hour class and are certified to perform work on your upcoming project. We have puchased the […]

Building Green

(originally posted February 12, 2009) One of the most important pieces of the ‘building green’ puzzle is having a highly efficient heating and cooling system in your home. Over the last few years we’ve been using high efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling in many of our projects. We have had great success with […]