14 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

15 Questions to ask your contractor

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Hiring the right contractor to do the work you are requesting at your home is important. Where to start? We are compiling a list of recommendations to look into the credibility of the contractor and as we have always suggested we feel these ideas are very good to ask potential builders. We suggest asking for people they have completed work for, talk to a city building official, talk to subs and suppliers. How long have they worked for the builder, does the builder pay there bills, do they service there clients. You can always get information from people that are doing the actual work that will be beneficial.

Questions for homeowners to ask to referrals:

  1. Could they communicate well with the remodeling contractor?
  2. How was the quality of work?
  3. Did the remodeling contractor show up on time and was the project completed as scheduled?
  4. Did the contractor pull a building permit from the city you live in and were the inspections done with a certificate of completion?
  5. Did the contractor meet with you during the project and fullfill there obligation?
  6. Were there any issues that came up during the project and how did tne contractor resolve those issues?
  7. Were your personal items protected and respected during the process?
  8. Was the work area kept neat and clean?
  9. would you use this contractor again?
  10. Other factors to consider:

  11. How long have they been in business?
  12. Do they have a Mn address along with a license?
  13. Are they easy to reach by phone or email?
  14. Do they have a design and decorator service available?
  15. How is the job supervised? Job superintendent or carpenter?